How To Choose The Right Cushions For Your Living Room

How To Choose The Right Cushions For Your Living Room

Luxury can be found in the littlest of details and can be gotten by implementing the smallest of changes. Elevating your space with essential elements can transform an uninteresting room into something that feels elegant and classy, yet fun and welcoming. Whether you’re looking for something to visually enhance your living room, or you’re looking to create an atmosphere that is warm and inviting, then cushions are the perfect way to go.

Cushions come in different types, shapes, sizes, and colours, hence, it can be challenging to sift through all the available options of cushions online to find one that works well with your space. Based on your needs, your preferences, and your decor, the cushions you choose to elevate your living room space have to be right for your space while still meeting all your needs.

The key to finding the perfect cushion for your living space is to understand the important factors to consider when choosing cushions and then incorporate your preferences while doing so. This will allow you to implement your needs in the right way to create a glamorous living space.

How To Find Perfect Cushions For Your Living Room

Here are some pointers to guide you in the right direction when choosing the perfect cushion for your living space.

1. Know which type of cushion you want

There are four different types of cushions and they are lumbar, bolster, throw cushions, and box. Throw cushions are wider than they are thick, and they come in shapes like rectangles, squares, or triangles. Bolster cushions are mostly used for back and neck support as they are cylindrical and long but can also be found in box-like shapes. Lumbar cushions are especially for neck support hence, they are more functional than they are decorative. Box/square cushions are box-shaped but they also come in a round shape. Their main function is for decorative purposes

2. What’s the stuffing and material?

The material of the cushion matters, as well as what it is stuffed with. The material can determine how comfortable a cushion is. The amount of stuffing determines how plush and pliable the cushion is or can be over time. After all, it does take a few weeks to break a cushion in to make it look as inviting as you see them in stores. However, you do not want your cushion to be flat.

3. Colours & Prints to compliment

This is where your preference comes in but you need to bear in mind your decor or the decor you’re aiming for. You can go for a pop of colour or the same colour as your decor as long as there is balance and harmony all throughout your living room space. You can go for similar or contrasting shades or even play it out with different prints to bring some edge to your decor.

4. Number and Placement of the cushions

The number of cushions you get for your living room is dependent on the size of your sofa. If you have a small sofa, then piling on more than three cushions can cramp the space, but if you have a medium to large upholstered sofa, you can go over three cushions and even use the 2-1-2 rule. This rule is where you place two large cushions on either side of your sofa, a smaller one in front of them, and a large one in the middle. It balances out your sofa and living room perfectly.

When selecting cushions for your living room, remember that you do not have to go for one colour of cushions, you can pick out different uniform colours and unique prints. Mix and match your cushions with colours that can be spotted in different places in your living room and play around with them by highlighting them in the shade and print of your cushions.

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Q. How do I choose the right cushions?

A: There are different ways on how you can choose the right cushion for your home. You can choose based on the feel and texture of the cushion, or by the colour, print, and pattern of the cushion.

Q. How do you arrange living room cushions?

A: You can arrange them by placing them symmetrically. You can use the 2-1-2 rule which is where you place two large cushions on either side of your sofa, a smaller one in front of them, and a large one in the middle. However, do this when you have a large sofa, and stick to using a maximum of three cushions if your sofa is smaller.

Q. What are the 4 different types of cushions?

A: The four different types of cushions are lumbar, bolster, throw cushions, and box.

Q. What type of sofa cushion is best?

A: The best cushion for your space is one that looks as well as feels good, but also makes your space look more glamorous and luxurious.

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