Italian Designer Sofa: Styling Tips for Your Living Room

Italian Designer Sofa: Styling Tips for Your Living Room

Every living room deserves a luxurious and aesthetically pleasing designer sofa which instantly makes any guest feel welcome. There are various ways to elevate your home decor by installing luxurious lights, placing large wall art or experimenting with different colour schemes in your living room, but choosing which sofa to get and how to style it is one of the most important things to keep in mind. You will find the following tips for styling Italian-designed upholstered sofas very helpful in making your living room look chic and modern, like one right out of a furniture magazine. 

Tips To Style Your Living Room With Perfect Luxury Sofa

Imagine you have found the most amazing and perfectly designed sofa for your living room, but don’t know how to style it so that it looks out of the world. Well, we have the solution for all your troubles with this list of tips to make your living room look stylish with an Italian-design sofa:

1. Make it Stand Out

When you get an exceptionally luxurious Italian designer sofa for your living room, make sure it is in the limelight and steals the show with its effortless charm. You can place it wherever you want, but tone down the other furniture and decor to let it shine. For example, you can pick other furniture or curtains with minimal colours and designs in order to let it pull the focus. If your sofa is a unique and bold colour, this will make it even more dramatic and eye-catching. Make sure other decor items such as wall art complement the colour scheme of the sofa.

2. Italian Theme 

If you are planning to get an elegant Italian designer sofa, you can also consider styling your living room in a rustic Italian style that looks vintage and has the sofa at the centre of the stage. Entering your home will feel like a royal palace as Italian style is the epitome of style and sophistication. You can get a round coffee table and hang tasteful wall art that goes with a regal Italian theme.

3. Install Elegant Lighting

One of the most important details that will make your sofa look more exquisite is the lighting. If it complements the sofa and makes it look more drastic, you will have achieved your goal of getting the most desirable living room decor. You could go for a simple and classic chandelier that hangs above the centre of the living room or several filament lights or a luxury scented candle that will give the sofa the focus and attention it deserves. 

4. Pick a Unique Sofa

The more unique and out of the ordinary your Italian design sofa is, the more it will dominate your living room and look stunning. Pick a sofa that has its own personality and looks outstanding with an elaborate and unmissable design. Such an exquisite Italian designer sofa will look dazzling and will sit proudly in your living room for years to come. 

5. Add Some Colour

You don’t always have to match all colours and make sure everything has the same colour palette. Sometimes a unique pop of colour looks brilliant and adds character and drama to your living room decor. So try mixing and matching some home decor items with a vibrant-coloured Italian designer sofa for a unique interior design. 

6. Add Artistic Elements

Art is always the best way to complement any new furniture, but only if you know what kind. You can try hanging paintings with contrasting colours that look rich and elegant on the wall behind your Italian-design sofa. You could also add other colourful elements such as a luxury pouf ottoman near the sofa or an exquisite half-oval side table to enhance the charm. 

7. Add Decorative Cushions

Another way to add some pizzazz to your living room is by placing unique, artistic and luxury cushions on your sofa that complement its style and enhance its personality. You can get exquisite cushion covers with embroidery or tassels that look brilliant and draw attention to the sofa even more. Make sure the cushions are also super soft and comfortable, so your guests can enjoy even more time on your precious sofa!


These were some thoughtful ideas to redecorate your living room by styling your Italian sofa in different ways. You can also use these tips to revamp your seating arrangement once every few years to create a fresh look that seems more positive. When you have an elegant and stunning Italian designer sofa by Sunday Design that adds grandeur to your living room, you can use these tips and your personal styling choice for making it look more suitable for your space.


1. How can I make my sofa attractive?

You can make your sofa look more attractive by adding cute cushions, enhancing the lighting or by putting up artsy wall paintings to complement it.

2. How can we decorate the sofa?

You can decorate your sofa and make it look more eye-catching by adding cushions and toning down the other home decor items to shift focus into it.

3. What makes a sofa luxurious?

A sofa looks more luxurious and sophisticated due to its incredibly detailed upholstery, exquisite design such as the finish on the legs or the fabric and the quality of materials used to make it. Then there are other things such as lighting, other furniture and background items that determine how well it looks.

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