Luxury Poufs Ottomans for a Quirky Ambiance

Luxury Poufs Ottomans for a Quirky Ambiance

Time to Elevate your Chic Living Space with Pouf Ottoman

A living room as the name suggests is a place which livens up your mood the moment you enter. It’s one of the most significant rooms in your house which acts as a pivotal hub for entertainment, a gathering place for family movie nights, and visitors. Hence, it’s obvious to get anxious when it comes to decorating such an important corner of your house. However, with the perfect blend of furniture pieces, colours, designs and textures you can accentuate the look and feel of your space.

The definition of a sumptuous living room is different for every individual. Your definition of a classic space can be a boiserie, lights, plush sofas, and heavy curtains, or it could be a modern room with sleek couches and gorgeous end tables enclosed by vast glass panes. However, the selection of luxury living room pieces at Sunday Designs has something to fit every taste and room size, no matter what your dream space may be.

Sunday Designs Pouf Design Ideas

Call it a Cushion or an Ottoman, a Pouf is so much more than that. It is more like a multifunctional piece of furniture that comes in various shapes, colours, textures and sizes and can be used as a side table solution, a comfy cozies, a coffee table, a seater, or a footstool. Pouf for the living room is a great addition if you are looking to add an audacious and bold piece of furniture that accents well with your interiors. It uplifts your living room space when paired with big furniture pieces such as a sofa. You can also place them in front of your bed to lift the bedroom’s appearance.

Sunday Designs brings you luxurious pieces of Poufs that can bring significant decor influence to your space. Come let’s check’em out!

Harper Pouf

With a piece of comfortable design, create a warm, elegant atmosphere. Harper Pouf brings positive energy to your indoor environment with its delightful colours and curved contours. This pouf offers a multitude of uses for you to explore, whether you want to kick your feet up after a hard day or if you need more soft seating.

If you are looking for ottoman in bedroom ideas, its modest style that seamlessly blends into any setting makes it an ideal indoor accent.

Bowie Pouf

Available in more than 10 shades, Bowie Pouf is a perfect pick if you are thinking of innovative yet exquisite pouf living room ideas. The eye-catching details and the curvy shape compliments almost every type of furniture and wall colour. This chic pouf has everything you could need, including an extra place to sit, a place to make your footrest, and a side table to keep a coffee mug.

Pro Pouf Decor Ideas

Creating a luxurious living and bedroom space depends a great deal on how creatively you think and how flamboyant you want to design it. If you are thinking to spice up your happy nest with Ottomans and Pouf Decor ideas, here is what you need to keep in mind!

  1. Shape
    Pick a Pouf keeping in mind your living space’s décor. For instance, pick a Harper Pouf for your living room if you plan to set it apart from your couch or other rectangular seating arrangements. However, if there is a space limitation, go for a Bowie Pouf as the movement in a small space won't be impeded by its supple curves. Additionally, you have a couple of solid positioning options: amid a seating arrangement, or on its flanks.

  2. Consider the Interior
    Before selecting a Pouf, keep in mind the colour and texture of your walls. Pouf's living room ideas must be in sync with the existing furniture. You can either go for all neutrals or a contrasting set-up. For a luxurious feel, contrasting colours always go well.

  3. Consider the Scale of Living Space
    It is important to keep the size of the room and the other decor components in mind when selecting poufs for the living room. A large pouf will appear absurd if you have a small size sofa. The same enormous ottoman, meanwhile, will be overkill if your room already has a large sofa that takes up the entire floor space. In this instance, rounder shapes might be used to create the required contrast.

  4. Place a Colourful Tray
    A wooden tray painted in a colour that complements your throw cushions gives a living room a finished look that is coherent. A tray is necessary when thinking of a decor idea with an ottoman if you want to set drinks or a vase of flowers on the ottoman. A vibrant bouquet of flowers, books, and magazines that are stacked provides height and texture to the arrangement.

  5. Bar Station
    When it's time to make a drink, you won't even need to get up from the couch thanks to this ottoman decorating concept. Glasses, whisky, and a traditional decanter are placed on a low-profile tray that acts as the bar station.
Wrapping Up

No matter whether you're unwinding at the end of a long day or just hanging out with friends, your living area should exude a dash of your personality. From vintage sofas to abstract wallpapers, beautiful indoor plants to louvred windows everything needs to be in sync with who as a person you are, while simultaneously oozing that luxurious feel.

With some exciting pouf ottoman decorating ideas you can add charm to any corner of your house. Various pouf decor ideas can be used to improve your space’s aura in several ways, from bringing in opulent flair to creating a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

You can choose from bowie pouf or even a classic Harper Pouf at Sunday Design depending on the style of your décor. Use a single huge pouf or choose both to provide extra seating for visitors, friends, and family in the living room or bedroom.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Do poufs hold their shape?

Made with quality material, Pouf’s at Sunday Design hold their shape in the longer run. However, make sure to fluff them regularly to maintain their originality.

Q. Can you refill a pouf?

Well, the simple answer to the question is Yes! You can definitely refill a Pouf.

Q. How comfortable are poufs?

Filled with soft material and covered with plush velvet, Poufs are an extremely comfortable piece of furniture to add extravagance to your living space.

Q. How do you use pouf in a living room?

With numerous Pouf ottoman decorating ideas such as using it as an extra seater, decorative accent, coffee table, nightstand, end table or footrest you can lift up your living space.

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