Premium console table designs for an elegant home interior and good storage

Premium console table designs for an elegant home interior and good storage

What is a console table and why do you need one at home?

Console tables could be wither wide or shallow tables that are often set against a wall. They are usually the main furniture in a room and often standalone pieces that are tall and elegant looking. They are oftentimes as decorative as they are functional, depending on what design you are looking for.

Console tables can be used to display some home decor items. They can also be used as storage spaces to store special items. You may find console tables right when you walk into a home. It stands there against the wall, alone, decorated with a flower vase, maybe even a fancy bowl atop it, where one can place their keys. You may even sometimes find books stacked on it and a variety of items.

Console tables are used to show off the personalities of the homeowners. They include items that people hold dear or something they love and feel represents them, as well as their aesthetic sensibilities.

Console table designs for an elegant home interior

At Sunday Design, we have luxury console table designs for you to place either in your living room, the entrance of your home, or other places in your home. The different collections include console tables that can elevate your space but in different, unique designs to suit your decor. Some of the luxurious designer console tables we have are:


This wooden console table design is clean cut, with woodwork that makes it sleek-looking. The antique brass ferrules accentuate the design and colour of this console table design. There are six different colours of this modern console table to choose from. It has a split table top that comes in different finishes; they are Quartz Noah, Quarts Grey Fjordo, Terrazzo Ceppo, Terrazzo Colosseo, Terrazzo Novona, and Terrazzo Trendy Grey.

It has inner spaces and drawers, you can make use of besides placing items on top and underneath it. You can place this console table anywhere in your home and display items as you desire. Maintenance of this table would include cleaning it regularly with a clean cloth and keeping it away from direct sunlight to maintain its colour.


A zig-zag console table is a work of art in itself, especially the web pattern of the zigzag metal legs. This kind of table would look great in any living room or entertainment area of the house.


This designer console table is an exquisite display/design of modern and fun. The smooth surface, frame, and structure are flawless. The touch of bronze at the front gives it an effortless finish. This luxurious console table is available in seven different colours as well as with seven different tabletop options.

This luxury console table design provides you with wide storage space for you to keep and hide things from sight. For the best care, keep away from direct sunlight to prevent fading of colour.


A mixture of materials, this modern console table design is a modern, classy yet timeless vintage design. The complex structure of this console table and the seamless mix of wood and stone is wrapped in sophistication. It provides you with closed as well as open storage space to do with it as you please.

From a dark terrazzo Soho grey to a light Quartz Noah, these entrance modern console designs would look great with your home decor. For the best care, clean each material, wood and stone, as required.


Let's rewind to the time of the Rajas and Ranis. With the mirror console table, you can recall the style of the interiors of those palaces. Royal, old, elegant, and classic styles are what they call out for. As a tea table, this console table was transformed. As long as it blends in, nothing is lost. A white console table with a hint of golden paint accentuates its regal appearance. It has a place for your books and newspapers at the bottom as well. Ready to throw a tea party yet?


Tall, simple, and quintessential, this luxury designer console table is utterly glamorous. The natural design that is illustrated in the wooden frame of this console table is gorgeous. The delicate and intricate design at the front is absolutely impeccable. Available in five colours, this luxurious console table is the elegant piece you need to complete the decor in your home.

Place this console table in any room and showcase your items on top and underneath the table. To care for it, keep it away from direct sunlight, and clean it regularly with a clean cloth.


This fifties console has a mid-century aesthetic with a modern outlook. The flawless blend of different materials and colours is done with flair and a masterful technique that is unique to our designers. This console provides enough space on top, under and inside the console itself. The intricate carvings on the front add an elegant vintage feel to the entirety of the console.

Pro tips for console tables decoration & storage

Let’s begin with the basics of decorating or styling your console table.

  • If you’re placing it in your dining room, consider placing some of your china or tableware like the ones available at Sunday Design.
  • If you place it in your bathroom, you can add things like fragrances, flower vases, a vanity on the wall above, etc.
  • If you place it in the bedroom, living room, or some other room, you can stack your books in horizontal or vertical order, add a lamp, maybe add a basket of fruit, etc.
  • If you place the table in the entryway of your home, add any of the things mentioned above, a painting on the wall above it, a bowl to keep your keys if you’re skipping out of the key holders.

You can place things on top, underneath, and even inside if they come with their own storage spaces.


Console tables are designed to store and showcase items that represent you and your personality. So, go ahead and place anything you desire on and under it, be as creative as you can and bring that table to life.


Q. What can be kept on the console table?

A: You can keep anything that represents who you are, things that showcase your personality, or extends your home decor.

Q. What is the purpose of a console table?

A: A console table is a piece of furniture that is used to fill a space and make it look more welcoming. Their purpose can also be to store, and/or showcase items.

Q. Where should console tables be placed?

A: A console table can be placed at the entrance of your home, right in the hallway, in the bathroom in place of a vanity, in the dining room, the living room, and the bedroom.

Q. What do you put under the console table?

A: You can keep books, vases, baskets, organising boxes, and anything else you have in mind.

Q. Can you sit at a console table?

A: Console tables are designed not to be sat on, but to hold and store items. The console table you purchase may or may not be strong enough to handle anything more than the weight of items like books, vases, etc.

Q. Does a console table have to be against a wall?

A: They are designed specifically to be set alone, against a wall. You may choose to set up a painting or a mirror above it, and maybe a pouf right next to it, but console tables are designed to be placed against a wall.

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