Italian Design Furniture For Your Study Room & Office

Italian Design Furniture For Your Study Room & Office

Everyone requires peace and comfort while they are doing important tasks, such as studying or working in the office. The surroundings in which you work or study affects your performance and makes you feel positive and motivated. This is why study tables and office desks have a particular design that is just right for you. For example, when choosing office furniture design, you must choose a chair with a good backrest that provides adequate lumbar support, otherwise, your employees might end up having severe back problems. Similarly, while getting your kid a study table, make sure it has drawers or fits in with your room space and does not cause cluttering or congestion. This will ensure his/her mind remains focused on the problem at hand and is not distracted by the surroundings. 

4 Must-Have Furniture For Your Study Room

Here are some types of furniture that you must buy for your kid’s study room to make it look inviting, and comfortable and help them focus well.

1. Study Arm Chair

Study Arm Chair

If you are looking for a highly comfortable yet ergonomic chair for the study room, this Bowie Study Arm Chair is just the right one for you. It has a comfortable and spacious seat with larger armrests at the side for convenience while studying. It is an interesting piece of Italian design furniture that lets you take joy in studying and working.

2. Classic Desk

Classic Desk

The Nelson Desk by Sunday Designs has luxury written all over it. It is a bold yet simple and elegant classic desk which allows you to work peacefully from your home. It is a super sleek desk that will make your study less cluttered and looks jaw-dropping with its metallic brass legs and handles.

3. Pouf


Give your study room a touch of modernity and grace with the Bowie pouf. It is inspired by Turkish design and feels like royalty right in your home. It is small yet stylish and comfortable yet elegant. You can also go for Harper pouf. With vibrant colour and comfortable cushion seat, it sure is going to be the best for an extra seating option. Pick these poufs as extra seating arrangements in your study room.

4. Cabinet


Every study room needs to be neat and tidy. No one likes to work in a place cluttered by papers and files, which is why the Harper Low Cabinet is ideal for storing those extra items that you don't need very often. Organic materials like wood and terrazzo make it look incredibly elegant and antique, with exquisite wooden doors as well.

5 Must-Have Furniture For Your Office

Have a look at these creative Italian design furniture items before decorating your office and buying office furniture items.

1. Minimal Desk

Minimal Desk

The kind of simplicity and elegance one wants to see in an office desk is brought out by this amazing Sparks desk. It has stunning legs made of solid wood, and an exquisite veneer and its design present an airy openness which is pleasing. It is the modern quintessential office desk that is a must-have office furniture.

2. Lounge Chair

Lounge Chair

Every office needs a lounge area where its employees can take a break, discuss ideas or simply take their minds off the stress of work. This is where the Bowie Swivel Lounge Chair comes in, with its tall back and spacious seat, which is super comfortable and adds sophistication to your office space. It is a great piece of office furniture that looks premium and inviting.

3. Cabinet


An office needs a large storage space to keep its important files, but that does not mean you cannot blend them into your luxurious room decor. Display your store front and centre with the Sparks Low Cabinet which is a beautiful combination of style and subtlety. It is ergonomic as well as graceful with its curved legs and ample storage space. It also has an exquisite stone platform for an added bit of charm.

4. Side Table

Side Table

A table with an elegant finish such as the Fifties side table is just what every office needs. It is detailed with a grey smoky glass on the top and a curvy form underneath. It drops elegance and comes in a variety of luxurious colours.

5. Lounge Sofa

Lounge Sofa

Any office space needs a comfortable lounge space with a sofa like the Harper sofa by Sunday Designs. It is intricately crafted and provides leisurely comfort to whoever settles in it. With large padded cushions and exquisite piping on the fabric, this design really plays into the beautiful details.

Pro Tips By Sunday Design

Pro Tips By Sunday Design

If you would like to improve your study space or office furniture and take it to the next level, here are some ideas by Sunday Design that might inspire you:

  • Make sure to add some greenery in your office or study room furniture design in the form of small plants or flowers, just so everyone feels fresh and positive while at work
  • Improve the lighting in the study or workspace by incorporating brighter and high-quality lights such as the ones available at Sunday Design
  • Make sure your office space smells incredible and has a positive fragrance with the Sunday Sense Candle.
  • Always keep your furniture ergonomic and choose wisely when it comes to office furniture, as it is meant to last for a long time.
  • You can stop worrying about choosing and planning your interiors because Sunday Design has an exclusive furniture interior service, where we help you plan, buy and place your furniture in the most aesthetic way.
  • You can work while taking advantage of the sunlight and fresh air by designing your study area near a window. However, choosing a location where direct lighting won't have an effect on your computer screen is crucial.
  • Your study room can be customised in a variety of ways, such as by including curtains, shelves, photographs, a clock, artwork, plants, and music. Corkboards, agendas, and memo boards can all be used to personalise a place and keep you organised.
  • To add enough light, add chic glass or wooden wall sconces, table lamps, and sophisticated floor lights. Use natural light as much as possible during the day.


We hope you have some great options for furniture for your study and office space. These will help you create a wholesome and positive workspace, where no one gets tired of working and loves coming to the office! If you choose to opt for our Sunday Design service, you get exclusive ideas on what type of furniture to buy and how to place it effectively in your space to make it look suaver. You can explore a wide variety of modern study table designs, desks, chairs and more on our website.


1. What are some ways to decorate a study room?

Ans. Decorating a study room may seem like a difficult job, but you can easily do it by adding the right kind of furniture. Placing furniture like chairs and tables completes half the job. Now you can add a couple of cushions for a little comfort, green plants, and some nice artwork or pictures to make the room feel homely.

2. Which material is best for the study table?

Ans. Wooden material usually works best for a study table furniture design as it is long-lasting and looks amazing.

3. What factors are to be considered while choosing office furniture?

Ans. There are several factors such as comfort, utility, the mindset of the employees, budget and others that you need to keep in mind before choosing your office furniture list.
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