Luxurious Winter Furniture Pieces By Sunday Design For A Royal Home

Luxurious Winter Furniture Pieces By Sunday Design For A Royal Home

Winters are all about snug evenings, cosy homes, hot chocolate and a festive vibe. By articulately choosing your winter furniture, you can transform your home into a warm space that nurtures and keeps you safe while embodying the essence of your classy taste and aesthetic inclination. 

If you have an affinity for all fine things in life and are looking for some amazing royal home interior design ideas, we suggest you read along. 

In this blog, we shall touch upon some mesmerising royal house interior design and winter outdoor furniture ideas to help you set up the home of your dreams.

7 Must-Have Winter Furniture Pieces By Sunday Design For A Royal Home

 If you're looking for the best winter furniture for your home, here are our top picks:

Neutral Coastal Outdoor Collection

We know that the winter chill can really get to you at times. But let’s face the reality - there's nothing quite like it. After all, who can resist the charm of sipping on hot coffee while basking in the golden glow of a bonfire on a chilly winter evening?

This winter outdoor furniture set is perfect for an alfresco rendezvous with your loved ones during the evenings or to sit and chat under the glowing winter sun. The set includes:

  • A three-seater sofa.
  • Two single-seaters.
  • One coffee table with toughened glass
  • One sliding table

Fifties Sofa

The Fifties Sofa by Sunday Design is an ideal fit for a royal house interior design. 

Its vintage design and premium upholstery will give you all the royal feels! 

This sofa is perfect for lounging as you binge-watch your favourite Netflix series while having snacks and drinks that fit the scene.

Bowie Sofa

While pinning down ideas for a royal home interior, choose statement furniture pieces with a classy and understated design, such as this Bowie sofa

The luxury upholstery, clean lines, and cosy cushions along the armrests are going to make you want to snuggle up and relax. 

You can check out Sunday Design's online and offline marketplace to choose the exact colour and fabric of the side panel and backrest.

Bowie Low Cabinet Bench

Storage should always be one of your top priorities while compiling winter furniture ideas. Sunday Design’s Bowie Low Cabinet Bench perfectly blends functionality and aesthetics. 

The clean and minimalist design will seamlessly blend with your interior decor while complementing your space in the most beautiful manner. 

Throws And Blankets

Nothing entirely elevates the appeal of winter decor better than throws and blankets. Whether it's your outdoor couch or bed, try experimenting with different throws and blankets to add warmth and a cosy nuance to your interiors. 

We suggest you use vibrant throws with tassels and other soft embellishments to highlight your sofas and couches. This is going to make any indoor space look super inviting!


A fireplace brings about a timeless elegance and quaint charm to your royal home interiors. It can become an anchor point of a given space, and you can adjust the furniture and other accents accordingly. 

Not only will it create a cosy atmosphere, but you can also use the space above the fireplace to display statement artwork, family pictures or something eye-catching. 

From a traditional wood-burning fireplace to an electric one, you can take a pack at your discretion and work your way around it while deciding on your royal interior decor. 


Scroll through plush and royal fabrics like silk or wool while choosing rugs or carpets for your space. Besides adding depth and structure to your interior decor, it adds a dash of regality to your home. 

While choosing rugs or carpets, select those colours and fabrics that resonate with your overall royal home interior design theme. 

Verdict on Winter Home Decor Ideas

Suppose you want to turn your space into a personification of opulence and royalty. In that case, we suggest you take note of the options mentioned above while creating your royal home interior design. 

To that end, it's essential to remember that a cohesive placement of decorative accents and luxury furniture is key to nailing the perfect royal look for your home. 

Everything from the choice of fabrics to colour combinations will help bring out the best in your royal interior design. So, if you're ready to turn your home into a winter retreat, Sunday Design will be your trusted ally in doing so!

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