47+ Insta-Worthy Furniture Quotes & Captions For All Time

47+ Insta-Worthy Furniture Quotes & Captions For All Time

There is just something about a well-decorated space that brings a person happiness. The decor complimenting the furniture can bring the entire look of a space together. The space you design, either yours or a client’s, can reflect the vibe you’re going for. After designing a space, the next thing is finding the right angle to click a photo and share it with your friends or followers on social media.

Because who doesn’t just love something that’s aesthetically pleasing?

Home decorators, Furniture brands, Instagram influencers (or other social media), photographers, or anyone with a penchant for finding the right furniture for any space, this is for you. We have put together these furniture captions for Instagram that will help you focus more on your craft and less on the content that goes with it. This way, you can spend just a little more time polishing that furniture, finding the right space for it, searching for that perfect angle, getting the right shot, or editing your top photo. Leave the furniture captions and quotes to us.

Without delaying this much longer, here are our Instagram captions for furniture that you can use anywhere you like.

Furniture Quotes

Here are some beautiful furniture quotes you can use with pictures or videos of your furniture. Make Instagram reels, or youtube shorts of your designing process and add this caption to that post.

  1. “The design of a dress, furniture, a house, a room, a street, and a city are all the same process.” ~ Gianfranco Ferre
  2. “Centuries have not worm-eaten the solidity of this ancient furniture of the mind.” ~ Isaac D’Israeli
  3. “By acquiring all of your furniture from different eras and places and things that are expensive and inexpensive, it will make your end product have a great spirit.” ~ Kelly Wearstler
  4. “Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context – a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in an environment, an environment in a city plan.” ~ Eliel Saarinen
  5. “My ideal relaxation is working on upholstery. I spend hours in junk shops buying furniture. I do all the upholstery work myself, and it's like therapy.” ~ Pamela Anderson
  6. “In a modern loft, you can’t just fill a space with furniture. Each piece has to be perfect.” ~ Nate Berkus
  7. “Furniture that is too obviously designed is very interesting, but too often belongs only in museums.” ~ Milo
  8. “If I had to choose between clothes and furniture, I'd choose furniture.” ~ Julianne Moore
  9. “It is sometimes easier to have furniture made than to find things.” ~ Stephen Bayley
  10. “You cannot separate the old furniture from the memories and the memories from the old furniture!” ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan

Funny Furniture Quotes For Instagram

  1. “Photography is 1% talent and 99% moving furniture.” ~ Arnold Newman
  2. “I used to sell furniture for a living. The trouble was, it was my own.” ~ Les Dawson
  3. “I like to work a lot with wood. I make furniture that falls apart. I also sew.” ~ Tim Conway
  4. “Like a lot of fellows around here, I have a furniture problem. My chest has fallen into my drawers.” ~ Billy Casper
  5. “I would describe my relationship with my couch as symbiotic – others would describe it as dangerous.” ~ Lucas Till
  6. “On Furnishing One’s Home – Pick your furniture like you pick a wife; it should make you feel comfortable and look nice, but not so nice that if someone walks past it they want to steal it.” ~ Justin Halpern
  7. “A gentle mixture of furniture expresses life and continuity but it must be a judicious mixture that flows and mixes well. It is a bit like mixing a salad. (I am better at room than salads).” ~ Nancy Lancaster
  8. “We had gay burglars the other night. They broke in and rearranged the furniture.” ~ Robin Williams
  9. “Women have a favourite room, men a favourite chair.” ~ Bernard Williams
  10. “I give unto my wife my second best bed with the furniture.” ~ William Shakespeare

Furniture Captions

Here are some home furniture captions you can use with your content.

Luxury Furniture Shop Captions

  1. High-quality furniture = High comfort.
  2. The design of furniture can hypnotise you for hours.
  3. Premium Furniture made with love.
  4. Turn your house into a home with the right furniture.
  5. Furniture from different eras to suit your style.
  6. Don’t think twice. Choose us.
  7. Your dream furniture comes to life.
  8. We provide the furniture, you style it.
  9. A range of furniture with alluring textures, and smooth finish.
  10. Comfort feels like our furniture.

Funny Furniture Instagram Captions

  1. Money can’t buy happiness, but it bought me this furniture that makes me happy.
  2. Pieces of furniture that are classy, bougie, not ratchet, but definitely sophisticated.
  3. We work hard so you can relax.
  4. Hard day? Sink into the cosy comfort of our furniture.
  5. Happiness and Comfort in the form of furniture.
  6. Moving furniture is more workout than my workout.
  7. We have pieces of Furniture that look good alone but better in your home.
  8. Don’t have enough space in your home for the right furniture? That’s ok, you can just move homes.
  9. The perfect furniture can complement your home just like you compliment us.
  10. I know you just discovered us, but we’ll chair-ish to make your acquaintance.

Home Furnishing Captions & Quotes

  1. Furniture that adds warmth to your home.
  2. Welcome guests with the right furniture.
  3. Create a positive impression with the right furniture.
  4. Your space can evolve into something magnificent with a few pieces of furniture.
  5. Tell a story with every piece of furniture in your home.
  6. Just like your home needs the right furniture, in the same way, a piece of furniture needs the right decor.
  7. Make your home a safe space for friends and family with our furniture.
  8. Our furniture will add a touch of simplicity and glamour to your home.
  9. Furniture that will last a lifetime.
  10. Bring a bit of history to your home with classy furniture.

The captions for furniture shops and other luxury furniture quotes which are mentioned above can be tweaked based on your preference or can be used as is. Have fun with these captions and don’t forget to add some hashtags with whichever one you go for.

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