Transform Every Corner of your Home in a Luxurious way with Sunday Design

Transform Every Corner of your Home in a Luxurious way with Sunday Design

We all want to step into a realm defined by opulence and embark on a journey to transform the very essence of our home into a bright oasis of indulgence. We want to add a stroke of lavishness and a touch of grandeur at every corner so that our home looks grand, bespoke and majestic. Let us embrace the allure of indulgence with modern luxury home design ideas so that you can transform your home aesthetics and exude timeless elegance. At Sunday Design, we understand your need for sophistication and grace that is why our luxury home design ideas are detailed for every room and will be a reflection of your lavish personality in your sanctuary.

Luxury Home Décor Ideas: Give your Home a Touch of Luxury with Handcrafted Italian Furniture by Sunday Design

Your home is no ordinary home and it calls for only masterpieces that spell magnificence. Let the velvety touch of premium fabrics caress your senses and invite you to sink into unparalleled comfort and unwind in an embrace of sheer decadence. In this blog let us share the secrets of how to make your home luxurious by adding luxury home furniture and bespoke accessories.

Add an Italian Sofa for Living Room for Ultimate Style & Comfort

Italian-designed luxury sofas are the easiest way to create a trendy and comfortable atmosphere in your living room. Add the Sunday Design Nelson Sofa to your living room because it undoubtedly is ideal for your home aesthetics when you are looking for a modern luxe style. The antique metal legs, smooth lines and upturned arms are perfect for a cosy yet stylish look. Add some designer cushions to amp up the look.

Relaxing Chairs for Seating Areas

One of the easiest modern luxury home design ideas is to mix and match sofas and chairs to add an extra dimension to your seating area. The Bowie Taller Back Arm Chair is perfect for pairing up with a luxe Italian designer sofa and creating an elegant-looking seating area in your living room. The tall back of the luxury armchair has its personality. The velvet upholstery and antique bronze legs not only add style but elevate the lavishness of the room. You can also add the Bowie Pouf to your living area which acts as additional seating space when you are hosting guests. 

Add a Luxury Bed in your bedroom for the Ultimate in Sleep Indulgence

By adding a plush luxury bed, like the King size Harper Bed you can transform your bedroom into an extravagant refuge of unrivalled comfort and design. Take your sleep to new levels of luxury, where dreams mingle with indulgence and sophistication. The padded headboard with solid wood accents and crisp lines of this bed is sure to make your bedroom feel comfy yet lavish.

Place a Dainty Night Table Next to your Bed

A delicate nightstand brings the tapestry of luxury in your bedroom closer and is one of the most practical luxury home decor ideas. Add a refined touch to your bedroom with the Harper Night Table that blends in perfectly with your opulent surrounds and the Harper Bed. It stands as a silent friend as you go to bed each night, ready to cherish your dreams and protect your valuables till the dawn of a new day. Its presence is a testimonial to your refined taste.

Create a Comfy Reading Nook

Some other luxury home design ideas are to create cosy nooks in your bedroom like a reading nook or seating area. Add a luxuriously comfortable chair like the Nelson Easy Full Back Chair in a corner of your stylish bedroom. As you fall into the luxurious embrace of the masterfully created seating marvel, appreciate the peaceful escape from reality. The chair cradles your body with the ideal amount of support and softness, allowing you to immerse yourself in the pages of engrossing literature. It is covered in plush, velvety fabric to keep you comfy, always!

Add Elegance to your Dining Space

Embrace a world of sophisticated elegance and add charm to your modern luxury home design ideas with a luxurious dining room. Our Bowie Dining Table with its unique design goes above and beyond the norm. Add luxury chairs of your choice and make your dining space ready for the feast fit for a king. You can also add your impeccable taste in art to the walls of your dining room. Fine crystal stemware and ceramic ware displayed on your dining table are going to be perfect for your lavish dinner parties.

Raise the Bar with a Wooden Bar Cabinet

A modern home calls for a modern bar cabinet. An indispensable item for your luxury home decor idea is our Nelson Bar Cabinet which is sleek and gives off a retro charm. With minimalist sliding doors and a stylish stone top, it can add the right amount of magnificence you are looking for. A carefully curated assortment of premium spirits and glasses in this bar cabinet will readily dazzle your guests.

Bring Ultimate Work-Life Balance with your own Home Office

Every home today needs dedicated space for work and your modern luxury home design ideas without your home office space are incomplete. With a captivatingly sumptuous table and chair set, you can turn your home office into a haven of luxury and productivity. The Sunday Design Harper Desk is sleek and a work of Italian art at its finest. Add a desk lamp and stationaries to your desk to complete your home office space.


Every detail of your home exudes refinement and lavishness when you add luxury home furniture. From the sleek lines of an Italian sofa to the meticulously selected accessories adorning it, from the plush bed to the opulent dining space, modern luxury home design ideas are here to make your abode look cosy and affluent. When you take care of little details like delicate curtains that softly filter natural light, functional storage and decorative accents your home becomes your signature style. Sunday Design with its collection of luxury home furniture is here to elevate your home aesthetics and make it look picture-perfect. Visit our Sunday Experience Centre at MG Road, Delhi or browse through our website for exquisite luxury furniture.

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