Transform your living space with Sunday Design

Transform your living space with Sunday Design

Your living room is the most happening place in your house, right? From entertaining guests to spending quality time with family. You spend a ton of time in your living room creating memories. A beautifully decorated living room makes you instantly feel cosy and inviting. Living room furniture design plays a big part in your home interiors. It sets the mood and aesthetics of your space. If you are looking for modern elegant home decor ideas for the living room to jazz up your space, we are here to help you. At Sunday Design we have the right ideas on how to decorate a living room and add style and elegance to your space. In this post, we present you with living room furniture ideas and home decor hacks to transform your living space easily. If you are looking for modern living room ideas, living room corner ideas for living room seating ideas then read on, you are on the correct page.

Home decor ideas for living room with Sunday Design

The living space in your home should reflect your style because your home is an extension of your personality. Revamping your living space need not be an extravagant affair. You will be surprised at the transformation your living space can undergo by changing a few living room furniture designs or adding in some home décor accessories. Small changes can also add charm to your living space and give you an elegant and eclectic room. Let’s have a look at some home decor ideas for the living room with Sunday Design.

Luxury seating arrangement with Italian Designed Sofa

Nothing speaks of style and elegance in your living room like a luxury Italian designed sofa. Move over the regular three-seater sofas and get a unique Italian sofa to add glamour to your living room furniture design. Sunday Design’s Fifties Sofa is a perfect match for a modern living space. It has a captivating free-flowing design with gorgeous curves and rich velvet fabric. It will not only add a regal and modern touch to your living room but will transform the entire look of your room with its accentuating curves. Add some plush cushions to it and it will be the perfect cosy spot for you.

Accent Tall Back Chairs

Modern home decor ideas for the living room call for adding different accent chairs for a contemporary style. We have moved on from the era of matching single sofas or chairs in the living room. It is the time to mix different styles and make living room seating ideas fun and cosy. Sunday Design’s Harper Easy chair or Bowie Taller Back Arm Chair is the perfect addition to your Italian sofa to break any monotony in a design. Accent chairs can elevate a drawing room furniture design in no time and make any space look instantly cosy.

Coffee Table

Like hosting parties and entertaining guests in your living room? Get the Sunday Design’s Nelson Square Coffee Table that gives you ample space for appetisers, and games so that you can enjoy all the fun and frolic with your friends. This centre table design for the living room is a timeless piece made from wood, stone and metal to add a lavish look.

Side Table

One of the easiest living room corner ideas is to add a side table in the corner of a room next to your sofa and add a table lamp, a plant or a home décor item. Sunday Design’s Bowie Side table can uplift any neglected corner in your living room any day.

Pouf for added comfort

Poufs are so modern yet look beautiful and quirky in any living room. Add the Bowie Pouf or Harper Pouf in bright colour and velvety soft fabric. Antique brass touch to add elegance and romance to your modern living room ideas.

Cushions to add style and comfort

Cushions and throw pillows are an essential part of any home decor ideas for the living room. Your Italian sofa is incomplete without beautiful and dainty-looking cushions. From quirky shapes to gorgeous designs, style your sofa with cushions with different textures and prints. The Boho Chic Bowie Cushion available at Sunday Design is perfect for adding a chic look to your living room, while a Pink Bloomsbury cushion can add elegance like nothing else.

Ceramic Centre Table Pieces

Want to add a touch of grace to your centre table or foyer table? Indulge in our classic range of ceramic tableware for your gatherings with your loved ones! From breakfast nooks, to elegant dinner soirees, The sunday tableware will complete your space. 

Things to keep in mind while redecorating the living space

While redecorating your living space or designing a new living room you need to keep in mind the kind of look and feel you want. From couch designs for the living room to the accessories you choose, everything should reflect your style and personality. It's great to wake up to floral arrangements, especially during the winter, when you crave some greenery. Any type of plant, such as the fresh flowers that brighten your house decor, would do just fine; they don't even need to be expensive. 

Additionally, candles can be put on the mantel, coffee table, or side table. This always works great. For balance, use at least two candle holders. Diffusers, different kinds of candlesticks, lighting and lamps can also bring beauty to your room.

If selecting the design of a sofa set for the drawing room becomes a hassle you can always take the help of professionals at Sunday Design. Our team of experienced designers can help you plan, buy and place your furniture. They can also help with decor ideas for small living rooms.


The living room is perhaps the room where you spend most of your time with friends and family among laughter and chatter. Thus, it is one of the most important rooms that need careful planning and design. From choosing living room furniture design to the perfect accessory, from the carpet to wall art your living room must reflect your personal taste of elegance and opulence. We hope our ideas on how to decorate a living room will help you in transforming your living space. You can trust Sunday Design to turn your modern living room ideas into reality.


1. What is the type of fabric that best suits the living room furniture?

Ans. Living room furniture design is special and has specific purposes. They make the home feel luxurious and inviting. Some of the best fabrics used on living room furniture are eco-leather, tweed, velvets, and Berkeley. These speak of opulence and grandeur.

2. How often should you decorate your living room?

Ans. Home decor ideas for the living room might change according to special occasions or festivals. You can renovate your furniture and get new upholstery done every 5 years or give a makeover to your living room with different accessories and show pieces at different festival times like Diwali or Christmas.

3. How do you clean your living room furniture every day?

Ans. Maintain a daily cleaning routine so that dust doesn’t accumulate on your living room furniture. Set aside 15 minutes a day for quick cleaning of your living room. Use a microfiber dusting cloth for dusting any loose dust. Straighten the cushions on your sofa and throw in a sofa throw. Put things in their places like books, magazines, and remotes. Wipe your coffee table with a damp cloth and throw away any trash that you might spot near the sofa or centre table.

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