15 Attainable Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom Look on a Budget

15 Attainable Ways to Upgrade Your Bedroom Look on a Budget

Cultivating a trendy and inviting bedroom environment doesn't necessitate an extensive wallet and high-end designer trends. Some simple and inexpensive bedroom decor ideas can be just as effective in transforming your sleeping quarters into a chic, relaxing haven. 

This blog serves as a roadmap, providing you with 15 attainable ways for bedroom styling. From furniture augmentations to innovative uses of cushions and candles, this guide will offer bedroom styling ideas to boost your room's appeal on a paltry budget.

Tips to Upgrade Your Bedroom to a Modern Look

There’s a wide array of ways to decorate your bedroom and revitalise its look whilst keeping costs to a minimum. Here are 15 suggestions to get you started:

  1. Repurpose Old Furniture: Before splashing out on new pieces, consider repurposing your existing furnishings. A quick lick of paint or some new knobs can entirely revive an old bedside table or wardrobe.
  2. Statement Pieces: Investing in a standout piece, such as a stylish coffee table or uniquely designed bed frame, can add character to your room.
  3. Consider Lighting: Lighting can dramatically transform a space and is a key component in bedroom decor. Opt for modern, minimalist fixtures that add subtle elegance to your room.
  4. Accent Chairs: An accent chair encompasses comfort, utility, and aesthetics. Find an affordable one with a pop of colour, or upcycle an old one for a budget-savvy solution.
  5. Flexibility with Art: The art in your room should represent your personality — use canvas prints, framed pictures, or even DIY pieces to create an appealing gallery wall.
  6. Upgrade Your Bedding: Exchange your outdated bedding for a trendy comforter or quilt, coordinating pillow cases, and decorative luxury cushions to spruce up your bed.
  7. Play with Colours: Repaint your room with a more contemporary hue. Neutral tones or muted colours can offer a modern, elegant appeal.
  8. Room plants: Greenery can make any room lively. It’s a simple, affordable, and effective way of upgrading your bedroom.
  9. Mirrors: Mirrors, especially large, decorative ones, add depth and dimension to your room.
  10. Stylish Storage: You can transform your storage solutions into stylish statement pieces; use vintage trunks as a coffee table or storage baskets as decor items. You can also add wooden cabinets to spruce up your decor.
  11. Utilise Walls and Ceilings: Wallpapers or decals can add interest and depth to your bedroom decor, embracing modern graphic designs and patterns.
  12. Layered Rugs: Layer smaller rugs over a large one to add texture and depth to your flooring, introducing cosy components to your bedroom on a budget.
  13. Cushions and Throws: Add comfort and colour with budget-friendly cushions and throws. Experiment with textures, patterns, and colours to create a luxurious feel.
  14. Candles for Ambience: Scented candles can add a soothing atmosphere while providing a small, romantic light source.
  15. Window Dressing: Use affordable drapes or curtains in coordinating colours to add warmth, emphasising the aesthetic of your bedroom.


Sprucing up a bedroom does not have to put a dent in your savings. With the right guidance, it's feasible to decorate your bedroom on a budget. By following these 15 affordable, stylish and creative decor tips, any bedroom can be transformed into a modish, comfortable haven which precisely typifies your personal style and taste.


1. How can I modify my bedroom?

Spruce up your bedroom by cleaning it, rearranging your furnishings, and introducing elements like throw pillows, artwork and new colour schemes, based on personal preference and trending styles.

2. How do you style a natural bedroom?

Emphasise earthy tones and textures. Incorporate wooden elements, decorate with plants for a refreshing look, and choose bedding and decor in a neutral palette.

3. How can I make my small bedroom look luxurious?

Opt for a monochromatic palette, utilise mirrors to create the illusion of space, introduce ambient lighting, and invest in soft furnishings and elements of high quality for an opulent look.

4. How can I budget a bedroom makeover?

Firstly, establish a clear budget. Upcycle existing pieces, shop from thrift stores, use DIY decorations, consider affordable, minimalistic changes, like a fresh coat of paint, and focus on a single purchase, like a stylish accent chair.

5. How can I create a bedroom that reflects my personality?

Display your hobbies, favourite books or items that hold sentimental value. Choose colours, furniture and decor that speak to your personal style. Experiment until you find a design that makes you feel truly at home.

6. Where can I find budget-friendly online shops for bedroom decor?

Companies such as Sunday Design offer an extensive assortment of decor options at affordable prices, suiting various tastes and styles. Based in India with a global outreach, Sunday Design offers a multitude of attainable furniture and home decor items to enhance your living space. Collaborating with top-notch designers from Italy and around the world, this internationally renowned brand aims to produce refined, design-led pieces for your home.

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