Modernize Your Interiors With Statement Armchair Pieces

Modernize Your Interiors With Statement Armchair Pieces

A modern armchair, like a sofa, is one of the most classic pieces of furniture you must have in your home’s decor.

But are you thinking of where it will fit best and help enhance the look of the interior? Well, let us tell you that modern armchairs are designed to be placed in any corner of the house from the living room to the bedroom, study room and dining room, depending on the focal point you choose.

The next question that may trigger your mind is, how can you be certain that you're designing a space that flows while placing an armchair, along with other furniture? The simple answer to this lies in finding the room's focal point as it will affect how your modern designed armchair is going to be arranged.

The best way to find the focal point of a space is by questioning yourself - Is the space intended for conversation? Does there exist a fireplace? Do you want to place it in a TV-watching room? Based on those considerations, position your modern armchairs in such a manner that it surrounds the focal point of the space and looks hospitable and welcoming.

In this blog check out the various modern designed armchair from Sunday Designs for your space and ways to style them with other furniture.

Designer Armchair For Home From Sunday Designs

Modern-designed armchairs instantly add a touch of style and refinement to your space. They help enhance your body posture and are plushly padded for comfort. However, chairs fall more into the classic category, but if you choose the proper materials and patterns that go with your entire home décor, they can blend seamlessly into your contemporary aesthetics. Keep on reading to know more about designer armchairs for home from Sunday Designs.

Bowie Study Arm Chair

If you are on the hunt for a piece of furniture that enhances your book reading time and gives you a comfortable wrap to unwind, the Bowie Study Arm Chair is your best friend. The sleek curves of the chair and padded seat make it ideal for working, enjoying a fine meal, or writing a novel. This designer chair adds an unrivalled level of opulent elegance to your living room with its plush velvet fabric, gracefully arched armrests, and gorgeously curved metal legs. Additionally, it serves as the ideal luxury dining chair because of its superb ergonomics and luxurious design.

How to style: It can be best placed in your living room nearby the sofa to provide extra seating space, do not forget to add a plush cushion to enhance the look of the space.

From the various colours available choose the one which best goes with your bedroom furniture and place it beside your bed or in front of your dressing table.

If you think of utilising this armchair design in your study room, create a complete look of the space by pairing it with a round coffee table and low cabinets. Pouffes can also be added to the space’s interior to offer your footrest.

Bowie Taller Back Arm Chair

The tall and attractive design of the Bowie Taller Back Armchair is designed to swath you in utmost comfort and warmth. If you are thinking to modernize the interior with an armchair, this opulent armchair counts for a perfect pick The elegantly shortened, antique bronze legs lend an air of sophistication to your living space, while the tall, thickly padded back gives plenty of room for the plush velvet upholstery to shine out as the ideal headrest. Available in various colours and designs you can choose the one that best suits your room’s decor. We bet you, you won’t be able to say no to this amazing piece of furniture.

How To Style:

The armchair's modern design makes it a good fit for your study room or an empty corner of your bedroom where you love to spend most of your me-time. To make it more functional place it beside a pouffe for the footrest and a low cabinet to keep your books, coffee and glasses nearby. Tadaa! Your cosy nook is ready!

Nelson Dining Chair

It’s an ideal modern dining chair, with a distinctive form created for optimal comfort. Because of its wing design, it also functions as an armrest, providing a supremely comfortable luxury seating experience. The choice of magnificent fabrics and eco-leather selections promise to drive you through good discussions while dining. With 15+ colour variants, you can choose the best velvet upholstery that complements your dining space’s decor.

How to style: The best place to establish your Nelson Dining Chair is in your dining room alongside Nelson Dining Table. You can also place it outdoors to arrange for a party setup in your balcony or garden with complementing Nelson Desk. Do not miss placing some cushions for the ultimate seating experience.

Sparks Dining Chair

Made with comfort in mind, the high-end Sparks Dining Chair infuses your interior decor with an undeniable sense of luxury thanks to its warm, beautifully curved proportions and stunning oak base. It won't take long for everyone to swarm the area to enjoy this ideal dining occasion.

How to style: Its sleek curves, attractive leg designs and rich upholstery does not limit it just to dining space. This modern armchair can be well placed in your bedroom alongside Harper Chaise Lounge.

It can also elevate your outdoor and study room interior by harmonising with the Nelson Bar cabinet and Nelson Low Cabinet.

Final Thoughts

Everywhere you go, whether at home, office, or outside locations, there are chairs to be found. But when it comes to enhancing our home decor, we frequently overlook how important chairs are in elevating the look of a space’s interior. If you are thinking of giving your home a modern touch, think of including a modern armchair from Sunday Designs in your furniture. The exemplary designs that exude comfort in every inch will gain you a lot of compliments from visitors. You can also check out the other luxury furniture pieces at the experience centre of Sunday Designs in Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi or can check out the collection online at the website.

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