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Harper Chaise Lounge

Harper Chaise Lounge

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Berkeley | Tweed Fabric | Eco Leather: Chafe Beige

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Give your space a whimsical feel with Chaise Lounge Sofa from Sunday Designs.

Gone are the times when elevating your living space interior demanded everything to be colourless and minimalistic. Modern times demand furniture pieces that exude vibrant hues and striking tones. If you are on the go to decorate your living space with a vibrant yet terrific designed furniture piece, see no other than Harper Chaise Lounge. Its unique shape and frequently vibrant patterns can transform any space from plain to exciting with the appropriate arrangement and shade choices.

The Harper Chaise Lounge could well be called the Sunday Chaise Lounge. It’s perfect for a day of lazing and stretching and reading - you know, Sunday stuff. It’s also clever. The two headboards placed playfully across from each other mean that you and yours can fit into this elegant, tweed upholstered thing. Sundays will never be the same again.

A chaise longue sofa chair can be placed next to a traditional sofa or armchair if you're searching for a unique piece of furniture where you can rejuvenate and take a break from daily life for a while.

Just by looking at sleek designs and soft curves, the chaise lounge encourages you to relax and lay down. You can have a comfortable nap while half-sitting thanks to the design. This distinctive form enables you to easily straighten your legs as well as your back. Because of this, it makes for the perfect piece of furniture to relax in during the day while reading, listening to music, or taking a nap.