5 Modern Bed Designs To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

5 Modern Bed Designs To Spruce Up Your Bedroom

Your bed is the heart of your bedroom because it is your safe space; your comfort zone. Not to mention, it takes up most of the space in your bedroom. It is for these very reasons and more that it is the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom.

The littlest detail that goes into finding the right bed for your bedroom matters. Right from the size of your bed, to the bed sheets and cushions you spruce up your space with. Not to mention, the bed is the largest and most eye-catching piece of furniture that one can personalise. All of these things should be thought out while keeping in mind your bedroom space and other pieces of furniture present in the room..

There are numerous designs of high-end upholstered beds, varying in sizes, from single and double beds, to queen and king sizes. We have put together for you, a list of our luxury upholstered beds from all our collections. Here, you will find modern bed designs, fifties mid-century designs, traditional vintage designs, and more where these come from. We’ve also put together some tips to guide you as you search for the perfect bed to fill up your bedroom space.

Luxury bed designs to spruce up your bedroom

Fifties bed

Fifties bed

The classic fifties bed is a timeless piece. It has a polished mid-century elegance that is expressed in a fresh, brand-new way. The simple yet crisp lines are smooth and finely textured. Placing this intrinsically gorgeous luxury upholstered bed in your bedroom brings a layer of comfort and serenity into your space.

The headboard has an artful curve that is soft and allows you to have a restful experience as you lean back. Grab your favourite beverage and a good book as you sink into the luxurious layers of this bed. This mid-century bed is the ultimate timeless piece you need to bring your room decor together.

Sparks bed

Sparks bed

The one word we can use to describe this bed is ‘magical’. It is truly a bed made for a queen, not only in size but also in style. This enchanting and exquisite modern luxury upholstered bed is vibrant.

The flawless blend of fabrics of the bedframe and the headboard gives it a glamorous and unique look. The sturdy and simple frame balances perfectly with the cosy and warm headboard. The inward curve of the headboard makes this modern double bed design a snug and safe space for you to peacefully lie aback in. Curl up in the comfort of this queen sized luxury tufted bed and experience bliss at all levels.

Harper bed

Harper bed

The Harper bed is a bed that is fit for a king. This simple, clean, and contemporary luxury fabric bed is a mood on its own. With or without other pieces of furniture, this bed stands out from other furniture in your bedroom; it is poised to be the star with its crisp lines and delicate wooden accents on either side of the headboard.

The effortless design of this modern luxury bed with its padded headboard gives it a luxurious finish. Beautiful and elegant, this luxury upholstered bed is grand and glamorous.

Nelson bed

Nelson bed

Simple, sleek, and an absolute stunner, this modern luxury bed has an old-world charm. The traditional design of this upholstered Nelson bed is functional, effortless, and elegant. The smooth lines and polished finish gives it a clean and sophisticated look.

It holds within it a soft but impeccable flair in design and execution. The brilliant hydraulic storage mechanism adds to its modern functionality. This luxury tufted bed is overflowing with the vibrant richness of both colour and fabric.

Bowie bed

Bowie bed

The elegant Bowie bed is a confident and inviting meld of sturdy frames and plush beds. The quintessential structure and design is an impeccable addition to your bedroom. The rich and playful use of fabrics along with exquisite flair in the form makes it an unspoken statement that is hard to miss.

The softness as you lean back against the headrest, or as you sink into the comfort of the bed is beyond words can describe. Get cozied up within the layers of this modern luxury upholstered bed.

Tips to guide you while choosing the perfect bed

Here are a few tips to guide you as you select a bed for your bedroom:

  1. You can visit our luxury furniture store in Delhi for a more hands-on experience. Or, you can simply browse through our website to get a feel of what to expect.
  2. Keep in mind the size of your bedroom and come prepared with an idea of the size of bed you want.
  3. If you’re working with a small bedroom space, then it is a good idea to go for beds that offer storage space, if it’s something you like.
  4. When selecting a bed, you can choose to go for something that fits right into your decor or something that stands out. So, pick a colour and fabric that most appeals to you.
  5. When you aren’t lying in bed, you’re usually sitting up with your back against the headboard. So, go for beds that offer a comfortable resting place for your back.
  6. When you’ve narrowed down your options, find out the functionalities of these beds to narrow it down some more.
  7. If you’re getting a bed for yourself, you can come to a decision on your own. If the bed is for you and someone else, always make decisions together.
  8. Have a fixed budget in mind, but also keep an open mind because quality beds are the best investment.


The range of luxury upholstered beds we have are all of a premium quality, with amazing fabrics, stunning designs, and sturdy structures. All the beds in our different collections have a distinctive design that make them unique. These glamorous luxury tufted beds are what you need if you’re aiming for style, comfort, and above all, quality.


Q. How do you decorate a designer bed?

A: Less, truly, is more. Be precise and tactful when decorating your bedroom. Simply tossing random things onto the bed doesn’t make it look aesthetically pleasing. Choose items that aren’t just beautiful but also functional. Sunday Design’s accessories like their luxury cushion covers are stunning.

Q. How can I make my bed feel luxurious?

A: White linen with a high thread count and a high-quality mattress is the way to go. Use a cotton duvet cover over your comforter. Pillows and lots of pillows. Stick to using a few colours that may or may not match your room’s decor.

Q. What should be kept in mind while designing a bedroom?

A: Simplicity and functionality are key. Comfort is not a question and colour is up for discussion.

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