10 Luxury Coffee Table Ideas For A Bespoke Living Room

10 Luxury Coffee Table Ideas For A Bespoke Living Room

Luxury home decor accessories and furniture serve more than just visual appeal. They are a long-term investment that helps elevate your space’s ambience and reflects your lifestyle, tastes and preferences.

Hence, if you are on the go to refurbish your space, think about investing in luxury furniture pieces that emanate charm and opulent vibes in every corner. How about starting with a luxury living room coffee table?

Believe us, it’s a great idea! A high-end coffee table has all the essential attributes that make your space looks upscale and elegant. In this blog, we have brought you some phenomenal modern luxury coffee table ideas for a bespoke living room. Keep on reading to know more!

Luxury Living Room Coffee Table Ideas

1. Bowie Stone Coffee Table

If minimalism is what defines your personality, Bowie Stone Coffee Table is for you. The sleek design of the table and antique bronze legs makes it a statement piece in your living space. The splendid curved, boldly elliptical design and the exquisite stone top makes it a stellar modern luxury coffee table.

2. Nelson Rectangle Coffee Table

What defines a luxury coffee table for a living room? The one which is ultra-sophisticated, has an exquisite top, pristine bronze legs, clean curves and a discreet set of drawers. All these features sum up in Sunday Design’s Nelson rectangle coffee table. Get your hands on this real beauty and elevate your space.

3. Bowie Round Coffee Table

This is a luxury living room coffee table for all those who love nothing less but just bold. The circular stone top, fine detailing and exposed antique bronze powder base make this Bowie round coffee table one of the most captivating luxury coffee tables.

4. Nelson Square Coffee Table

A square coffee table is never out of style. This timeless piece of luxury coffee table for the living room sparks conversations and elevates the space with its palatial looks. The discreet drawers add to its functionality and layers of wood, stone, metal and glass blend seamlessly creating a symphony.

5. Harper Low Coffee Table

A stellar combination of wood and stone, the Harper Low Coffee Table is spectacular in its own way. The luxury living room coffee table boasts a contemporary design and a mix of organic material adds an air of glamour and sophistication to your place.

6. Sparks Round Coffee Table SS

Want a coffee table that oozes elegance and adjusts itself to almost every interior setup? Sparks Round Coffee Table is your best bet! The solid wooden legs and clean and chic design make it a must-have for your vibrant living room.

7. Harper High Coffee Table

Standing tall and strong, Harper’s modern luxury coffee table is the epitome of a high-end coffee table. Oozing a flawless combination of wood and stone, the table’s exquisitely cut quartz or terrazzo top brings glory and charm to your living space.

8. Sparks Square Coffee Table SS

Looking for a furniture piece that shouts details, details and details? If yes, get your living space a Sparks Square Coffee Table SS. The exquisite symmetry, generous top and gorgeous antique brass legs never make a miss in refreshing your space.

9. Bowie Oval Coffee Table

Your search for a high-end coffee table that can stun your visitors with its enchanting elliptical design and clean curves ends at Bowie Oval Coffee Table. This coffee table is a perfect definition of a coffee table luxury design.

10. Fifties High Coffee Table

One of its kind, the Fifties high coffee table explains is for all those who cherish luxury console minimalist designs. This luxury coffee table for the living room features beautiful high rose gold legs, stunning geometric printed veneer at the top and a unique asymmetric approach. A perfect combination of glamour and whimsy, this modern luxury coffee table pairs well with a richly upholstered sofa and pouffe.

High-end Coffee Table Decor Ideas

No matter the type of luxury coffee table for the living room you choose, with some hands-on coffee table decor ideas, you can add a splash of glitter to your space. Here is how you can accentuate your space with coffee tables:

  • Place your luxury living room coffee table on a contrasting rug to elevate the look of your living room.
  • Place a scented candle at the centre of your coffee table to make the space lively and infuse with aroma.
  • Place some fresh flowers on your table to infuse in the freshness of nature.
  • Add a luxury pouffe or ottoman near to a high-end coffee table to provide an extra seating space.

Final Words

With so many coffee table luxury design ideas, we are sure you are going to create a space of dreams that opulence in every nook of the house. You can experience the beauty of these coffee tables in person at the Sunday Design experience centre located in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Bring home timeless and classic furniture pieces with Sunday.

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