Introducing Luxury Italian Designer Furniture Pieces by Sunday Design

Introducing Luxury Italian Designer Furniture Pieces by Sunday Design

The remarkable craftsmanship of Italian furniture has been known for centuries around the world. High-quality materials and sophisticated designs are the epitome of elegant Italian design furniture. Each piece is crafted with precision and intention to achieve flawless luxury Italian design furniture at the end.

The history of Italian furniture can be dated back to the Renaissance period, which was a turning point significant in the evolution of the design of furniture. The first ever Italian furniture designs were majorly influenced by Greek and Roman styles. These pieces focused on clean lines, proportion, and symmetry.

In the modern era, Italian furniture designers have left an indelible mark through the contribution of contemporary furniture and being a major exporter of classic modern Italian furniture. These furniture pieces are lifetime investments because they are high-quality and would last for years.

In this blog, we’ve put together a list of glamorous Italian design furniture available at Sunday Design.

11 Inspiring Luxurious & Contemporary Italian Furniture Pieces Featured By Sunday Design

Here are Sunday Design’s top 11 Italian style furniture that are exceptionally unique and rare pieces with their bold design statement, classy colours, and seamless lines.

1. Relax Chair

This comfortable Italian-design relax chair is part of our Nelson collection which has a modern twist to it. This quintessential furniture can elevate any room in your home like your bedroom, study, and living room. Experience a blanketing comfort as you meld into the luxurious feel of this chair.

2. Swivel Chair

From our Sparks collection, this Italian design furniture brings the charm with more intricate details that will keep you captivated. Sit back, relax, and swivel away in this opulent Italian design swivel lounge chair without legs that is exquisitely designed for optimum relaxation and comfort.

3. Side Table

Create a special corner for you and your guests, one they can turn to in complete awe and utter admiration. This side table from our Nelson collection has a contemporary twist to it that makes this Italian design furniture fresh and gives it a modern-day flair that is hard to miss.

4. Cabinet

Function and style, this Italian mid-century furniture is from our Fifties collection that celebrates glamorous pieces from a time period of older generations. Elevate any space in your home with this luxurious cabinet that provides supplementary space to display your decor.

5. King Size Bed

A way to honour modern Italian furniture design can be encapsulated in this king size bed that has a quiet elegance that draws you into its alluring lines and flawless finish. Soak into the welcoming warmth and calming colours of this bed that is enchanting.

6. Sofa (two-seater)

Bask in the plush solace of this two-seater sofa that is nothing but the ultimate taste of the intricacy you will get from our Sparks collection. The brilliant execution of details that go into crafting this luxury Italian furniture will impress your guests.

7. Arm Chair

Incorporate complementing colours and tones that blend seamlessly with any room decor. From our Bowie collection that makes use of muted colour palette on sturdy and sleek furniture structure, this arm chair has a tall back that you can conveniently relax into without hindrance. The unique design of this Italian furniture balances comfort with its classy design.

8. Lounge Chair (swivel)

Ease up and spin around in the strong symmetry of this swivel lounge chair. This furniture from our Bowie collection is a distinctive fusion of modern comfort and a classy look to give you this exceptional design. You can place this Italian design furniture in your room for a relaxed feel.

9. Sofa

Our fifties collection brings this snug mid-century furniture with a modern spin that is captivating. With this traditional piece of furniture wrapped in a contemporary touch, you can implement this vitange style fifties sofa into your decor for a sophisticated look that is nothing short of exceptional.

10. Coffee Table

Embrace subtlety with the Bowie collection that implements audacious curves and a smooth finish in each piece of Italian design furniture like this oval coffee table. Create a nook in any room where you can escape and delve into a world of undisrupted imagination that is calming and unparalleled.

11. Outdoor Set

Nature is calling you out into its serene environment. Set up a peaceful spot with our Alfresco patio outdoor set that is designed to suit the changing outdoor weather. Let your senses take over and let go of the weight of the world that rests on your shoulders.

Make a lifetime commitment and investment with premium quality Italian design luxury furniture that is made with high-quality materials for your comfort and pleasure. Take the step into a new era of furniture design crafted by sought-after Italian designers from around the world. This is where change begins and it’s your turn to leave an indelible mark for your next generation. Explore Sunday Design for more collections of luxury furniture now.


Q. Why is Italy famous for furniture?

A: Italian craftsmen prioritise the quality of the material they use to craft their luxury Italian furniture with astounding designs that would look good for a lifetime.

Q. Why is Italian furniture expensive?

A: Italian furniture is an investment of a lifetime because of the premium quality pieces of furniture you’ll be getting that are made with the finest materials to craft each piece flawlessly.

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