How to Create a Chic Living Space with Attainable Luxury Furniture

How to Create a Chic Living Space with Attainable Luxury Furniture

Building a home for yourself and your family is one of the greatest joys that can be afforded to a person. It is like creating your personal sanctuary that embodies your creative preferences and personal expression. The journey of turning a house into a home is incumbent upon a lot of factors; the theme of your home decor, colour palette, choice of furniture, etc. From selecting your living room decor ideas to choosing your bedroom furniture, everything that you do to align your home’s vibe with that of your own, ultimately ends up making you feel more relaxed, rejuvenated and AT HOME! 

Your living room decor furniture and accents are the anchor point of your home’s aesthetic and creative display. It is the space where you entertain your guests and celebrate special occasions. If you want that space to exude an air of sophistication and warmth, you can carefully chart out the furniture design in the living room that is stunning and super comfy. 

Decor Ideas to Design a Chic Living Space along with Luxury Furniture

We have put together a list of living room decor ideas that will help you manifest your aesthetic dreams and turn them into reality:

Here is a list of some of the most exquisite living room furniture pieces

Harper Chaise Lounge

Your living room is a space where you let your hair down and connect with friends and family. It is a place where you create beautiful memories. Such a space definitely requires comfortable seating and what better than Sunday Design’s Harper Chaise Lounge. It has a comfy headboard and plush seating for bespoke comfort. 

Bowie Pouf

While articulating the furniture design in the living room, you must always keep potions for extra seating. This Bowie Pouf from Sunday Design is made from eco-leather and it comes in attractive colours. When not in use for seating, it will definitely be a decorative accent that will enhance the aesthetic charm of the design elements in your living room decor. 

Fifties High Cabinet

While designing any room, extra storage is always a good idea. The Fifties High Cabinet from Sunday Design has a classy vintage charm that will surely become a statement addition to your living room. This is exactly the kind of living room furniture pieces that become conversation starters.

In addition to this, you can try sticking to a neutral colour tone. It will personify sophistication and give an understated and impactful ‘less is more’ kind of vibe. 

Furthermore, you can experiment with layering in terms of throws, rugs, etc., to add a deeper nuance to the living room decor. It will make your space look very cosy and comfy. The choice of fabric for the upholstery, rugs etc., will signify extravagance and fine artistic taste. 


The thing about luxury and aesthetics is that they can mean different things to different people. The idea is to figure out something that rightfully expresses your personal taste and personifies your idea of comfort. With the right living room furniture sets and decorative home accents like luxury cushions & scented candles, you can transform that space into a haven of rejuvenation and style. 


1. How can I make my living room look luxurious?

The first step is to put together living room decor ideas that pivot around a theme. For example the furniture sets, upholstery, accents, carpets, rugs etc., should all complement each other to bring about a structure and cohesive look. 

2. How do you make a chic living room?

To create a chic living room, you need to nail the perfect blend of stagnant pieces and neutral designs. The goal is to create a space that doesn't look overdone or cluttered. There has to be a harmonious balance between everything that adorns your living room. 

3. What makes an interior luxurious?

A luxurious home interior isn't synonymous with an abundance of furniture and accents, but, in fact, an articulate selection and placement of everything that creates space and exhibits precise attention to detail. You can go for an elaborate set-up or a minimalist approach while putting together your living room decor. Both approaches can look and feel luxurious provided how nicely you figure out material section and placement. 

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