Classic Living Room Styles: 6 Styles You Need To Know

Classic Living Room Styles: 6 Styles You Need To Know

Styling or re-styling your living room can be momentous because it is the one space in your home where you welcome and entertain guests. The living room should be warm and reflect who you are as a person. Whether you choose to express your personality in your entire living room decor, or you do so by implementing essential pieces in the decor that represent you, it is totally up to you.

The style of your living room is in every little detail from the colour of the paint on the walls to your furniture and essential accessories like the cushion, rugs, etc. Every detail matters and knowing the style you’re going for can help while choosing these items to place in your living space.

Combining Living Room Styles

There are different styles out there, which we’re going to have a look at but bear in mind that there is a way you can implement different styles in your living space without having them look tacky. Understanding each style and knowing where you can implement them in your living space is the key to comprehending these individual styles.

However, remember to use the 80-20 rule when going for different styling options. Use one style for 80% of the room and mix and match with the remaining 20% to get the perfect look. The 20% can be in details like wall art, lamps, vases, etc. Needless to say, you can go with one style for the entire room and have it look classy, elegant, and luxurious when you add the right home decor accessories.

Here are the different living room designs and styles you can choose for your living space. While there are other styles out there, these are six of our classic living room decor.

6 Classic Living Room Styles & Designs

1. Vintage style

When this comes to mind, think of the 50s and 60s era with designs and decor that are of a certain colour and look like they’re from an earlier period. Vintage decor or style is quaint and nostalgic, wrapped with a warm invitation to its majestic grandeur. For this interior living room decor, you need to go for fabrics like silk, velvet, or satin and heavy drapes. The lighting and fixtures should also stand out, the upholstery should have lace or ruffles, and your walls need to be decked with classical art. You can style it up with heirlooms that have been passed down to your generation for a personal touch. In Sunday Design’s Fifties collection, you would find all the pieces of furniture that would add that Vintage feel to your home such as Fifties low cabinet, Fifties sofa, Fifties lounge chair, etc.

2. Traditional style

Traditional decor or style includes a wide range of styles from the neoclassical to the French country. Traditional designs are elegant and classic. When this comes to mind, think of elegant wallpapers, antique accents, beautiful curtains, statement lighting, classic furnishings, patterned or textured rugs, and, of course, thoughtful colour schemes. All these aspects come together and create a timeless and traditional look that will last for years to come. Get inspired by handicrafts, local textiles, artwork, prints, furniture, etc. While they are classy and elegant, they are not overly fancy nor too stuffy, but they are warm, comforting, and rooted deep in traditions. Explore Sunday Design’s Nelson furniture collection such as Nelson easy chair, Nelson night table, Nelson desk, etc for all your traditional pieces of furniture.

3. Country style

Country decor or design makes use of natural elements and tones. This cosy and casual decorating style makes use of a pastel colour palette and incorporates design elements with bright colours, vintage wares, and natural or second-hand accessories. To achieve this simple country life feeling or decor, use items made of natural wood in your ceiling, furniture, etc. You can check out Sparks dining table, Sparks swivel lounge chair without legs, Sparks low cabinet for a country style home decor. An unpainted brick fireplace, wood flooring, wood panelling, and exposed rustic beams would add to the charm. You can pair these natural tones with blue and white furnishings. The Sparks furniture collection by Sunday Design includes all the country style furniture you’re looking for.

4. Asian Style

Asian design or decor combines popular decor concepts from different countries such as China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia. It’s also known to give a zen-like feeling with its oriental interior design. It incorporates clean lines and colour and is elevated with ornate details that add glamour to the living space. Asian living room decor uses nature-inspired decorations or cultural-inspired ones. With simple furnishings, earth tones, natural materials, and an abundance of colour, you can bring an Asian flair to your living space.

5. Minimalist style

Simple, classy, and timeless. This uncluttered and clean design uses a few colours and often keeps things monochromatic to bring the space together. For this decor, think ‘less is more’. This living room decor makes use of only the most essential elements, a few pieces of furniture, a few and essential accessories to add comfort, to create a crisp and clean look. Every item from the furniture to the cushion is deliberate and has a function in the space just like our Harper chaise lounge. This straightforward decor makes use of muted tones for artwork, wall paint, upholstery, ceiling, and flooring. Get this minimalist style furniture such as Harper pouf, Harper relax chair, Harper kig size bed, etc from the Harper’s collection by Sunday Design.

6. Modern style

Modern decor and style are often confused with contemporary style which is always changing with the trend. But the classic modern style was developed in the 20th century. Modern decor and furnishings incorporate natural materials of earthy and neutral colours. In contemporary decor, there is a range of colour and detailing while modern decor keeps it monochromatic, simple, and sophisticated. Modern decor is the epitome of elegance with its simple colour palette and sleek, clean lines. The furnishings add a structural layer to the space. The accessories like lamps are abstract or futuristic and others are muted colours with minimum patterns. Explore the modern furniture design such as Bowie pouf, Bowie lined blue velvet cushion, Bowie study arm chair, etc in the Bowie furniture collection by Sunday Design.

With these ones we’ve mentioned, there is one that struck a chord with you and you know it’s something that clearly stands out from the rest. Whichever style you choose for your living space, remember to go for the right style of living room furniture to match the decor. Sunday Design brings you different collections of luxury furniture online to match your style. The five different furniture collections focus on different styles like vintage, contemporary, modern, traditional, and more. Explore these pieces of luxury furniture and decor accessories to achieve your favourite classic living room style.

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