A guide on buying different chairs for different rooms

A guide on buying different chairs for different rooms


When styling or re-styling your home, it can sometimes be overwhelming if you don’t know what to do. Picking the right shade of colour for the walls, or the right furniture for different spaces in your home can be sometimes challenging. That is mostly because there are so many different options out there and all you need is someone to point you in the right direction.

At Sunday Design, we pride ourselves in guiding you to choose the right furniture for every space in your home. This guide is to help you understand the different types of chairs available, and also to help you decide which one works best for the various spaces in your home.

Not only would we guide you through this important step in re-styling your home, but we would also provide the best options for each of these types of chairs designed in Italy and crafted by us in India. That way, you get a visual of these different styles of chairs which would help you further in making your selection.

Without further ado, here are all the different types and styles of chairs.

Types of chairs for different rooms

1. Swivel Chair

The fun thing about this chair is that it revolves around 360 degrees. You can place this chair in your living space as an accent chair or a filler chair. But you can also place it in your workspace or other rooms in your home as the main chair. It brings a different and unique flair to your room and fixed decor. It can go into any room in your home making each room stand out, but also not overshadowing the other main furniture. Sunday Design has the swivel chairs in four collections, Sparks swivel chair, Nelson relax chair and Bowie swivel chair. You can choose from these unique collections in different vibrant colours or even stylish fabrics.

2. Wing Chair

Plush, comfortable, and durable. This is one of the many types of chairs that have comfort and function as their priority. It can be placed in your bedroom, living room, and reading area as it provides a private cocoon for you. The short legs and laid-back design make it easy for you to bask in this chair. Sunday Design’s wing chair is available in different colours, fabrics and designs. You can go for the Bowie relax chair or Nelson’s full back easy chair.

3. Easy Chair

Great for your bedrooms and living rooms. This armless and stylish upholster has short legs and a high back that is tailored to fit into your living room or bedroom. Available in different colours and sizes, this chair is comfortable and can be paired with other seating furniture in any room. Sunday Design’s easy chair is available in various designs and fabrics just for you.

4. Dining & Study Chair

A chair that would fit perfectly into almost any room, this chair is simple yet sleek with a modern design. The spread-out back supports your shoulders and the soft seat offers comfort. With a design that has survived throughout history, this chair is striking and impressionable. Sunday Design’s dining & Sstudy chair is available for you in different fabrics and designs.

5. Relaxing Chair

This type of chair has a modern twist to your vintage comfortable chairs which are stylish. They offer comfort and support while bringing a whole new meaning to ‘sit back and relax’. With this chair, you are bound to feel cosy and snug. Sunday Design’s relaxing chairs are available in different collections with lots of options for you to choose from like the Sparks relax chair and Harper relax chair.

6. Chaise-Lounge

Great for your bedroom or outdoors, you can stretch out on this chair much like a recliner but with a fixed reclined form. This type of chair comes in different dimensions and styles to suit your decor or your personal preference. Providing comfort and relaxation, this chair is easy to clean and has cushions that can be easily replaced. Sunday Design’s chaise lounge is like a sofa and is quintessential with a distinctive structure.

7. Side Chair

Your dining area needs a set of chairs that goes well not only with the decor but also with the dining table. Side chairs are typically for the dining room and have a petite structure but come in different unique designs. It requires little space and can sometimes be placed in the living room with the set or by mixing and matching it. If you want to match with other furniture like your cabinets, then Sunday Design has got you covered in that aspect. You can choose to buy your side chairs with a matching dining set with cabinets, and even table mats, as well as tableware. These side chairs at Sunday Design are available in different collections. You can choose to go for the fifties vintage chair, or the contemporary Bowie chair.

8. Study Chair

A study chair can be placed in your room and it needs to be a comfortable upholstered chair. The luxurious comfort that the Sunday Design study chair provides is impeccable. You would not only find it durable but a great addition to your fixed decor. The structure of this timeless study chair brings a different and sophisticated outlook to any space you place it in.

9. Office chair

Office chairs, much like study chairs, need to be comfortable. Not too comfortable whereby it’s easy for you to doze off. But an upholstered comfortable chair that keeps you upright and comfortable. The Sunday Design Bowie Swivel Lounge Chair has a plush seat that would provide comfort as you sink deeper and deeper into the plush seat.

10. Bar Stool 

Bar Stool

In order to put bar stools in the area, you probably need a high-top table or an island with an overhang. You must measure your table or counter before purchasing barstools because there are many various heights of bar stools. While some bar stools can be adjusted in height, some don't. Others don't rotate, while some do.

11. Office Desk Chair

Office Desk Chair

A desk chair is a particular design of task chair that offers comfort while you work at a desk at home. You can select from a number of different types of desk chairs. Executive office chairs offer the utmost comfort and are ergonomically designed to fit your body for maximum, unique comfort.


At Sunday Design we provide luxury furniture for every space in your home. Available in different materials, colours, and dimensions, these furniture pieces are a collection of mid-century pieces to modern contemporary ones.

With the mention of the different types of chairs for your home above, selecting and buying your seating furniture should be a breeze. We hope this guide will help you to find exquisite pieces of furniture for different spaces in your home.

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Q. What is the most comfortable chair material?

A: Leather seats are considered one of the most comfortable materials because they are durable, breathable, water and stain-resistant, and much more.

Q. What is the most common type of chair?

A: The side chair is the most common because it is versatile and can be placed in any room. With a similar set or a mix-and-match, this chair is a great filler piece of furniture.

Q. What are the factors you need to consider in setting up your chair?

A: The space of the room, size of the furniture, do the armrest prevents limiting your movement, back support, sturdy and durable material, functions like swivel, adjustable height, etc are some factors to be considered.

Q. Do chairs have to match in the living room?

A: No, they don’t. If you have a particular aesthetic or decor you’re aiming for, then you can stick to the same theme. But no, your main furniture doesn’t have to match your living room and neither do the accents/fillers.

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